• Business requirements specification, Part 1
    Traceability and transparency in the textile and leather sector, Part 1: high-level process and data model, February 2021    DOWNLOAD

  • Business requirements specification, Part 2
    Traceability and transparency in the textile and leather sector, Part 2: use cases and CCBDA data structures, February 2021    DOWNLOAD

  • Code lists and identifiers     
    Draft, Recommendation on code lists and identifiers for the textile and leather sector, April 2021    DOWNLOAD

  • Business process analysis, leather
    Business process analysis for sustainability and circularity in the leather value chain    DOWNLOAD

  • Business process analysis, textiles
    Draft business process analysis for sustainability and circularity in textile value chains   DOWNLOAD


  • Policy brief
    Harnessing the potential of blockchain technology for due diligence and sustainability in cotton value chains, April 2021   DOWNLOAD


  • Mapping of policies, regulations, guidelines and initiatives
    Report, Developments on traceability and transparency, April 2021   DOWNLOAD
    Executive summary, April 2021    DOWNLOAD

  • Mapping of garment and footwear sector ecosystem
    Stakeholder mapping exercise of actors and stakeholders within the garment and footwear value chain, April 2021   DOWNLOAD

  • Policy paper
    Policy paper, Accelerating action for a sustainable and circular garment and footwear industry    DOWNLOAD

  • Briefing note
    Briefing note, Sustainable textile value chains in the garment and footwear domain for SDG12, 2019   DOWNLOAD

  • Study
    Study, Transparency and traceability in textile value chains, 2017   DOWNLOAD

  • Handbook
    Handbook, Implementing UN/CEFACT e-business standards in agricultural trade, 2016    DOWNLOAD

  • Guidelines
    A Framework - Traceability for sustainable trade, 2016    DOWNLOAD


  • Brochure
    Project brochure, September 2019    DOWNLOAD

  • Infographic
    Visual elaboration of revelant data, May 2021    DOWNLOAD

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